Our mission is to be a Spirit-led church that is prayerfully seeking and discovering effective ways to Reach Up to God through praise, worship and prayer; Reach Out to share the gospel with our friends, families and communities; and to Reach In to strengthen and develop the body of believers.

Every week, several hundred people gather at Christian Life Center to worship God in an expressive way, as described in the Bible (for example, Psalms 47 & 150). After singing choruses and praying for specific needs, CLC's 100-voice choir leads the church in anointed worship through their songs. The message will then be delivered by Senior Pastor R.E. Libby, another CLC pastor, or a visiting minister.

CLC is a church with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. People from all over the world now call CLC their church. Regardless of where we come from, we all share a love for God and a desire to draw closer to Him and to please Him. While we are developing our relationship with God, we are also img_1468.jpgbuilding relationships with each other and making new friends.

We hope you can come and find the fulfillment that God wants you to have. Visit our services or one of the numerous events always going on at CLC.  We look forward to meeting you!