The ministries of Christian Life Center focus on "reaching":


  • Reaching up to worship
  • Reaching out to connect with others
  • Reaching in to strengthen

Every ministry at Christian Life Center falls under one of the following 8 departments:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Communications
  • Courtesy
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Music
  • Youth

Background on CLC’s Organization

CLC is a growing body of believers who have found the peace and joy that only God can give. But the pastorate of CLC is never willing to rest on its laurels - there are still more people who want to know and experience God’s plan for them. So Pastor Sean Libby and Senior. Pastor R.E. Libby spearheaded CLC’s strategic planning effort, from which these departments as well as the “reaching” mission emerged.

A book by Bobb Biehl, “Masterplanning: The Complete Guide to Strategic Planning,” guided our efforts. In addition, Pastor Don Haymon, who pastors in Denver, Colorado, visited CLC in late 2001 and spoke at a CLC leadership retreat early in 2002, about his church’s application of “Masterplanning” and the “reaching” mission.

We implemented the strategic planning process, which requires each department, as well as each ministry, to set goals for the upcoming year. We went with 3-month, 6-month and 1-year goals. This prompts everyone involved in any ministry to think fresh, to improve. As Biehl said in his book, 

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“Any organization, church, or business that is focused on meeting its own needs first will soon die. It becomes quickly focused inward and stops growing.” The planning process reminds everyone involved in a ministry to keep the big picture in mind — and to recognize that every ministry is vital in keeping the body of Christ growing and strong.

This effort also grew out of a desire to make sure that every ministry at CLC was getting the attention and support that it needed. We also hoped that this would allow Pastors R.E. and Sean Libby to focus less on such tasks so that they could focus on their calling of reaching the lost and ministering to the saints locally as well as take care of their leadership responsibilities nationally.

Although it may be hard to get excited about church organization, we consider it important because our mission is so important.  We do not want any visitor’s experience at CLC, and perhaps their only opportunity to really connect with God, to be impeded by some failure on our part. God deserves our best, and this was just another effort to try to give Him just that.