Bible Study In A Bag

An exciting, excellent, easy to use, youth Bible study that simplifies God's love and plan. Equip your young people with Bible Study In A Bag and watch them become soul winners in no time! This is easy to teach Bible study teaches the plan of salvation with little or no preparation.

Discipleship In A Bag

This easy-to-use youth Bible study helps a person strengthen their walk with God after receiving the Holy Ghost. It gives further scriptures and teaching on the Holy Ghost and how to preserve it. This is a great follow-up to Bible Study in a Bag!

Life And Times of Jesus Christ

This study will bring alive the life of Jesus to your youth. It is written in plain language with real life parallels which allow even the youngest youth to be able to teach it. This bible study contains a small chart 8 1/2 x 11, a teachers manual, and handouts.

Into His Marvelous Light

This 45 minute self-taught study is designed to allow us to walk into the scriptures with the help of "virtual Guide". Simply point and click to get where you need to go. At the end of each section is an opportunity to test your understanding. CD-ROM.