Are you new here? Awesome! We are so glad that you are visiting with us today. It is our pleasure to invite you to a life changing experience with Jesus Christ. In His presence, any difficulty that you face can be changed, and anything that you need can be provided. We understand the deeply innate need for genuine human relationships to help us through this life and have made it a focus of ours to connect you with some of the most authentic and loving people you'll ever meet.


Our vertical relationship with our Lord and Savior is the stimulus and means of developing thriving horizontal relationships with our fellow man. We believe that it is by Reaching Up, Reaching Out and Reaching In that will have maximum impact on our community and world at large. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, the ministry of Christian Life Center exists to Reach YOU. 


The Bible is our blueprint for how we should live our lives. We believe that we exist to glorify God and as such we endeavor to be a Spirit-led church seeking after the heart of God by Reaching Up to Him through praise, worship and prayer. 


Following the example set by the First Century church, we understand that we are the church and that our mission is to go beyond our four walls to Reach Out and share the love of God and the Gospel with our friends, families and communities.


We feel that engaging in fellowship is a very important tool that God calls for us to use as often as possible. As such, we prioritize Life Groups and providing organic opportunities to Reach In to strengthen and develop the body of believers.




Want to go deeper? Our Christian Development Course was designed to equip you with the essential doctrines of the Bible. As we get closer to the return of Jesus, a strong foundation in His Word is important for all Christians.



Whether you have a need or have passion to meet others' needs, our clothing closet and food pantry were made just for you. Our doors are open every Sunday and Wednesday.  Stop by and see how we can help you or help you help others.



If you're looking to further develop your relationship with God and with others,  then Life Group is the place for you. It is here that we take the time to discuss real issues from a biblical perspective and seek to build one another up. 


Christian Life Center is a ministry built on faith and trust in God. We are honored to be able to share over 40 years of our history with you. 

Christian Life Center was founded in 1974, by Ron and Linda Libby, when it was known as the First United Pentecostal Church of Rockville. The congregation met in the "little white church," which is still standing today. Our first church had no running water and a homemade baptismal tank (although we usually used the creek for baptisms). Humble beginnings were marked by a hunger and passion for the people of Montgomery County, MD and beyond to experience the saving power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Soon afterward, the church bought the property next door and began a building program. In the meantime, the congregation left the old white church and began meeting at the Casey Barns Community Center in Gaithersburg, Md., for services. We would walk around the new property, where the building would stand someday, and believed for the Lord's blessings. During this time, we also held brush arbor meetings and tent revivals, with various ministers such as Bro. Bob McCool, Bro. Terry McIntyre, Bro. Michael Mangold, Bro. Charles Mahaney, and many other anointed men of God.


When construction began and the shape of the new facility began to emerge, prayer meetings were held every Tuesday night in the makeshift building. The congregation cleared most of the land and took part in most of the building construction.


During one meeting at Casey Barns, fire apparently was seen coming from the roof of the building. The fire department was called many times by surrounding neighbors. The service was interrupted by the fire department going up on top of the roof and looking around to try to find the fire. However, the only fire that was burning on the roof was the Holy Ghost fire! The firefighters were confused that day, but we knew what was going on! The Holy Ghost fire was there in abundance! 

Finally, the new church building was finished. During this time, our church was blessed with a major amount of land for a greatly reduced price. God had met yet another need! After a few years in the first building, a second building was needed to accommodate our growing church. That second building was built, and the first building was converted into a fellowship hall. Also at this time, the church changed its name to Christian Life Center, and a new work in Silver Spring, MD, was started under the direction of Bro. Steve Heintze.


After spending a fair amount of time in the second building, a third building was constructed. In early 2005 it became clear that we were in need of a larger building and more class room space to accommodate our growing congregation. Realizing that we could not build any more buildings on our current property. We began the search for new property. God blessed and new property was located in Ijamsville, MD. In early 2007 Christian Life Center launched a capital campaign to raise money for the purchase of the new property. Christian Life Center continued to use the third sanctuary until February 2012. We closed on the sale of our property at 11800 Darnestown Road, Gaithersburg, MD on Tuesday, February 28th. In early February 2012, Christian Life Center began having service at our interim site, Damascus High School. During this period of transition, Christian Life Center service held midweek services at five (5) locations, Bethesda, Frederick, Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Hagerstown. We held a groundbreaking ceremony at our new property on Sunday, March 18, 2012.


We held a groundbreaking ceremony at our new property on Sunday, March 18, 2012 and our first service on Sunday, August 4th 2013. On that same day, we also had our first Sunday evening service since leaving Darnestown Rd. God is doing great things and our congregation continues to grow and reach out to those in our area and thanks to the Internet, across the world.



Sean Libby

Senior Pastor

Ron Libby

Founding Pastor

Ian & Annie Garland

Young Adult Directors

Nathaniel & Leticia Lettman

Youth Ministry Directors

Justin & Christina McGrath

Youth Ministry Directors

Sophia Hodo

Children's Ministry Director


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