Senior Pastor

Pastor Sean and his wife Monique serve as the Senior Pastor of our church. Sean’s ministry is marked by his passion for prayer, evangelism, relevant Bible teaching and impactful preaching. He is committed to God, to his family, and to building a brighter future for Christian Life Center, the community in which they serve, this generation and generations to come. He ministers with humor and empathy and boldly preaches Apostolic truth in such a way that people can understand and apply God’s Word to their everyday lives.

Founding Pastor

Pastor Ron Libby and his wife Linda serve as the Founding Pastor of our church. Ron's 40-year tenure as Sr. Pastor saw steady growth and impact within the community resulting in four building projects. Wherever he goes, lives are touched and changed because of his genuine love for people as well as his character, vision and self-sacrifice. His desire to help people resulted in the establishment of Points of Refuge, a ministry providing safety and comfort for ministers and their wives. Truly, he is a man driven by a passion for God.

Young Adult Directors

Ian and Annie Garland passionately lead the Young Adults of Christian Life Center (ages 18-30) with a desire to guide young adults through important time of transition according to the principles of the bible. Through teaching and example, Ian and Annie seek to instill truth that will help young adults to build their lives upon an unwavering foundation God's Word. The Garlands have no greater desire than to be a vessel for the grace and glory of God to impact the lives of people. 

Youth Ministry Directors

Nathaniel & Leticia Lettman co-lead the Anchored Youth Group with a tangible love for people and a passion to see young people connect with God. Over the years, the Lettmans have served in various roles of ministry at Christian Life Center, but their hearts are wholly given to seeing young people progress on their journey. They passionately guide the youth to lead a life that reflects God's light and love to a generation that hungers for a reconnection with Him. The Lettmans have a genuine kinship with young people and are energized in serving.

Youth Ministry Directors

Justin and Christina McGrath co-lead the Anchored Youth group with a vision and passion to see young people develop an authentic walk with God. Both have served in various ministries at Christian Life Center and abroad. Justin was raised in Christian Life Center while Tina was saved as a young adult. Since their marriage in 2014, God has blessed them abundantly which is evident in their young family of three boys. This couple finds fulfillment by pouring into young people and empowering teens to experience the fullness of God's plan for their lives.

Hispanic Ministry Director

Dalia Karina Garcia was born and raised in Guatemala. Karina and her husband moved to the United States in 2001. Shortly after they became members of a Hispanic Apostolic Church where they served for twelve years. During those years Karina developed a passion for winning souls to Jesus Christ that she became a licensed Minister. She and her family came to CLC in 2013 and quickly got involved in various ministries. Her passion has been working with Hispanic members and helping them to grow and thrive in their Christian walk.

Children's Ministry Director

Sophia Hodo has been privileged to serve in the Children's Ministry of CLC for the past 24 years. As Director, she leads with the belief that the lives of children can be eternally impacted by helping them to develop a deep and lasting relationship with God, built upon a strong foundation of faith according to Luke 6:48. "He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock."

Ministry Forum Directors