Take a minute to check out a list of the ministries we offer here at Christian Life Center. We believe in engaging everyone who walks through our doors with the opportunities to deepen their walk with God and build lasting connections with fellow believers. Every ministry of Christian Life is tailored to meet specific needs and engage each member of the family in a spirit-led experience.


Kids Zone Children's Ministry

This ministry of Christian Life Center is tailored to children ranging in age from 3-12. The children participate in a Jr. Church service which includes worship, object lessons, prayer time, puppets, skits and Bible stories. Children are encouraged to participate in ministry to their peers both spiritually and administratively. This serves as an equipping tool to build upon for lifelong ministry involvement. Everything that we do is designed to bring God's truth to our children and instill a lasting foundation that will bear fruit to expand the Kingdom of God.


Anchored Youth Ministry

The Anchored Youth Group is a dynamic ministry of young people ranging from 7th to 12th grade.  The mission of this ministry is to introduce young people to experience the love of God on a personal level, develop their relationship with Him, and activate them to utilize their talents, gifts, and abilities in the work of the Kingdom of God.  The Anchored Youth Dept. offers engaging Wednesday night youth services on a weekly basis, monthly Friday evening fellowships, power hours, overnight youth trips throughout the year that are spiritually enriching and fun.


Young Adult Ministry

This dynamic ministry at Christian Life Center was established to provide an empowering and supportive forum for young adults between the ages of 18-30 years of age. During this time in lives of many young adults there can be a bumpy road of growth and transition as many strive to establish their new path of independence and Christian adulthood. The Young Adult Ministry at Christian Life Center provides young adults with the support, instruction, and activities to successfully grow into strong and successful Christian adults and leaders.


Men's Ministry

This exciting ministry at Christian Life Center provides engaging activities and events that inspire and support the 21st Century Christian man. Along with weekly prayer every Thursday morning, throughout the year the Men's Ministry hosts a number of excellent teaching forums presented by local and national Christian leaders on a wide variety of contemporary men’s issues such as balancing your career and family, building a successful marriage, overcoming temptation, financial stewardship, improving your prayer life and much more. There is a place for you here to connect, find strength and grow in your walk with God. 


Ladies Ministry

The Women's Ministry at Christian Life Center is dedicated to providing a way for Christian women to combat the pressures of this world. Along with prayer on the first monday of each month at 8:00 PM, throughout the year, there are various ladies prayer breakfast meetings where inspirational speakers give words of wisdom to help ladies live and overcoming life. These and other events provide ladies with the opportunity to bond with each other and develop lasting friendships. This thriving ministry equips women to build themselves and their famiies upon the word of God while reachin out to disciple and build the Kingdom of God.


Married's Ministry

In today’s fast-paced and complex society, it can be very difficult for many couples to find the time to actively invest in activities to grow a strong and loving marriage. Christian Life Center’s Marrieds Ministry provides Christian couples with bible-based seminars and social activities to ensure that couples are provided opportunities to grow together in Christ and expand relationships with other couples. Seminars offered throughout the year discuss issues such as financial planning, parenting, and Christian strategies in strengthening the marriage. Social activities include a host of family friendly events, outings, date nights and much, much more. 


Singles Ministry

The CLC Singles Ministry is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual growth of single adults. Single Adult ministry is an active part of CLC, helping to meet the needs of today's Christian singles. New members find it very helpful to be accepted into an established fellowship where they can meet new spiritual friends with which to bond. The Single Adult Ministry includes those who have never married, divorced, separated, or widowed above the age of 21. It is a focus of Christian Life Center to create and foster an atmosphere that allows for organic relationships to form and thrive for years to come. The Singles Ministry is an integral part of creating that environment. 


Hispanic Ministry

The bible commissions us to make disciples of all nations so Christian Life Center has endeavored to make it a home for all nations. The Hispanic Ministry is committed to establishing community, providing growth opportunities and engendering authentic experiences to all Hispanic members of Christian Life Center. To accommodate everyone, a number of our ministries have Spanish speaking counterparts. These include Life Groups, Christian Development Courses and Financial Peace University. Additionally, the Hispanic Ministry offers ESL classes for Spanish speakers, fellowship opportunities, Spanish services and live translation for all English services.


Deaf Ministry

Being deaf should not prevent anyone from being able to be impacted by the presence of God in our services. We believe that the whole Gospel is to be preached to the whole world. For this reason, we offer the ASL interpretation during each of our services and fellowship opportunities for the CLC deaf community. Our passionate interpreters convey all of the strength and dynamics of the worship and preaching allowing the deaf within our congregation to experience and participate in a full worship service. This thriving ministry at Christian Life Center has continued to grow over the years with several responding to the gosepl unto salvation. 


Guest Reception

Our guest reception is open every Sunday morning directly  after service just for you. As our first, second- or third-time guest, we want to make sue we have an opportunity to greet you personally, answer any questions you may have an send you home with a small gift. Stop by this Sunday for some coffee, donuts and conversation with some pretty cool people, you'll be glad you did.


Compassion Ministry

This ministry seeks to bless the community by meeting their practical needs for food, clothing and other needs, while preserving dignity. Its mission is to stand as a beacon of hope reaching out to create access to good, healthy non-perishable food to the community. The Food Pantry of Christian Life Center provides food with love and respect to our church family and the community who come for assistance. In reaching out to our community we are fulfilling God’s Commission to love our neighbor as ourselves. 


Language Translation

Gathering together each week for a worship experience is a vital part of Christian life. It is here, as the body of Christ, that we obtain the direction, conviction, encouragement and strength. We don't want there to be any barrier between our congregation and their ability to participate in worship or hear the preached word. That's why we've made Spanish interpretation available. This ministry serves to unify the church by opening the doors for everyone to enjoy the same  powerful worship experience.


"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path"

- Psalm 119:105


Christian Life Center's Christian Development Course, called The Journey, presents Biblical instruction for those who feel led to expand and deepen their personal relationships with Jesus Christ. During the course of the class students learn answers to questions such as "What is my purpose?", "Why should I give?", "How do I pray?", "Who is Jesus?", "To where am I called in God's kingdom?", and many more.  We have trained, passionate and spiritually-minded instructors who do more than teach; they become friends, mentors and motivators to students.  After taking this class, the students who apply these spiritual life lessons see dramatic growth in their relationships with God.  Many testimonies could be shared as a result of following the lessons in these classes; family members have come to salvation as a result of obedience to God's instruction on lifestyle choices; jobs and housing situations have been miraculously affected after learning how to pray effectively and fervently; and many more could be shared by those who have taken this class, applied the principles and seen God's grace work in their lives. If this sounds like the class for you or if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship with God, contact the Journey Class Coordinator, Michael Griffin using the button below.  This Bible study class meets over the course of several months on Wednesday evenings during midweek Bible study or on Sunday mornings before Sunday morning service. The class times are 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM on Wednesday evenings and 8:45 AM to 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings.


The Discovery class at Christian Life Center presents an overall view of the Bible as it relates to our condition in the world.  It shows how God created us and this world, how He loves us and what He's willing to do for us, and how the historical account of the Bible has present relevance to us today.  This class provides an easy-to-understand look at what the Bible shows us about God, ourselves and others. It is also a great starting point if the Bible has not been a part of your life and you are now questioning your spiritual condition.  Topics in this study include creation, salvation, sin, the Tabernacle, and heaven, to name a few.  It is a five-lesson study that takes place in the comfort of your home or other convenient setting.  It meets at an agreed upon time between you and one of our incredible instructors. Speaking of instructors, our team is a well-trained group of faithful Christians who love to share and discuss the Word of God with others.  Their hearts are passionate about sharing what God has done for them and how God has invited as many as will answer the call to a relationship with Him.  Students who take part in this Bible study will see the Bible in a different way than their previous impressions.  It helps make the Bible personal and approachable. Does this sound like the Bible study for you?  If your answer is yes, connect with the Discovery class coordinator, James Keaton using the button below. We look forward to connecting with you and walking with you on this journey we call life. Come discover how much more there is.