The six ministry forums that comprise the Pastor's Leadership team work in concert as does a well designed and functioning system of gears. Internally, each gear depends on and impacts all other gears equally to ensure that all externally facing ministries and systems are of greatest benefit to our guests and congregation. Fourm leaders work bi-directionally with both ministry leadership and our Senior Pastor to ensure that every ministry of Christian Life Center is equipped and supported to meet the calling and objectives that it was established for. Without each ministry forum active and operational within the local body of Christ, we will not be successful in fulfilling the mission of God, but with each forum moving forward we will do our part reach this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


The discipleship forum exists to facilitate and support teaching ministry opportunities for all ages across our congregation. The aim of these ministries are to emphasize the supreme authority of the Word of God thereby encouraging spiritul growth in the life of every individual from doctrine to areas of practical Christian living. From nursery through adulthood, the discipleship forum is commited to the development and discipleship of whosoever will.



The missions forum exists to fulfull the second greatest commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. The aim of these ministries are to tend to the heartfelt needs within and without our congregation by reaching up, reaching out and reaching in. These efforts range from strategic outreach and visitor follow up to compassion ministries ensuring that the ministry of Jesus Christ touches as many lives as possible.



The worship and technical support forum exists to provide spirit-led excellence in worship and technical expertise. The aim of these ministries are to establish and promote an atmosphere for the spirit of the Lord to flow freely both online and in person so that every individual feels the freedom to respond to presence and preached Word of God. From spirit-led worship services to quality and excellence in AV, streaming and digital promotion our goal is to strengthen believers and reach post-modern non-belivers with each and every service.


The guest services forum exists to facilitate systems and opportunities for guests to experience the love of God from the moment they park all the way through to salvation and ministry involvement. The aim of these ministries are to address to the physical and spiritual needs and of every guest who walks through our doors from parking greeters and hostesses to altar counselers and baptismal support staff. The guest services forum endeavors for all people to know that we are His disciples by our love one for another. 


The fellowship forum exists to create community for everyone for new and mature Christians alike. The aim of these ministries are to facilitate intentional connection opportunities that result in lasting relationships to strengthen the individual beliver and the the body of Christ by extension. From local Life Groups to ministry opportunities for the primary demographics in our congreagation the fellowship forum is focused on ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors are able to experience genuine belonging amongst the people of God.


The stewardship forum exists to ensure administrative functionality and logistical resourcefulness across our entire campus. These ministries aim to guaruntee that our facilities remain highly availabile and meet a consistent standard of excellence in all use cases including worship gatherings, life celebrations and facility usage. From grounds and garden maintenance, to security and administrative support, the stewardship forum is focused to make the experience of walking through our doors inviting and memorable.